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Thread: NBD Squier Late '60s Jazz Bass FSR Incoming

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    NBD Squier Late '60s Jazz Bass FSR Incoming

    I ordered one of these earlier this week. Couldn't help myself, even though I have way too many guitars and basses. I was impressed by the cosmetics and the price. This model seems to be available only at I looked for it at all the big box stores but none of them had it. Should be here early next week. This'll be my sixth Squier Classic Vibe guitar purchase in the past 9 months, all of them are limited editions or FSRs. The build quality and value of these guitars is off the charts. If Squier keeps this up, I'm going to need a bigger house.
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    Re: NBD Squier Late '60s Jazz Bass FSR Incoming

    A beautiful repro of Fender's finest bass, very similar to a clone I built some years ago......

    I just love those tuxedo necks!
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    Re: NBD Squier Late '60s Jazz Bass FSR Incoming

    I saw your post on another forum. Yeah, I looked at several online stores and couldn't find it. Even though I'm trying to reduce my guitar/bass headcount, I really want to get one of these. I think I could get on with it being my only full scale bass. My first bass I bought was a Jazz classic vibe, years ago.

    Still waiting for a bite on my bass I got listed. I already have it below market price, not even an offer for less yet.
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