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Thread: The Sunday Thread for the First Sunday in November

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    The Sunday Thread for the First Sunday in November

    Good morning. Did you remember to set your clocks back last night? That is, providing you live in an area where Daylight Saving Time is practiced? For me, it's a lot easier than it used to be because most clocks in my home are run by computers, and they adjust automatically. Heck, even the clock in one of my cars does so!

    I did set the clock on the microwave, coffee maker and oven, as they are still older technology, but given the number of clocks embedded in things (TVs never used to have timekeeping), a sweep of the house is still useful.

    I had a busy week last week, what with working Election Day and teaching the rest of the days. Another week of teaching starting tomorrow, so yesterday and today are my down times, and I'm making the best use of them! Church this morning, and then likely watching TV and listening to or playing music. I just watched a Rick Beato video of "The Album That Changed My Life" on YouTube, and now I'm motivated to dig into my collection to pull out some solo guitar albums that I haven't listened to in ages.

    Here's hoping everyone, wherever you are, has a great November Sunday!
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    Re: The Sunday Thread for the First Sunday in November

    Pretty soon after I woke up, I was playing my Höfner and had a breakthrough moment with the tone I was looking for.

    It's a gorgeous, crisp day. My darlin' has been cleaning and straightening, going to bake cookies. I've got to get my spaghetti sauce going. My kids are coming for the day, and we love to spoil them a bit. They work hard, and they need a little babying.

    I'm off two days, and I'm going to finally wire the harness into my Ibanez artist. I know how to read diagrams, but I want to learn WHY you connect something to a certain tag on the pots. I've been looking for "guitar wiring for dummies".

    Have a great day. And just remember, when it all gets too much, there's always sex, drugs, and rock and roll: for me, that means "falling asleep before I can do it, Celebrex, and the new ABBA album. "
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    Re: The Sunday Thread for the First Sunday in November

    It’s a beautiful, sunny fall day here on the western shore of Lake Michigan and the home remodel is basically completed so it will also be a stress-free day as well. We’ll maybe put the top down on the Vette and head out for a cruise through the Kettle Moraine. Hope all have a great day!

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    Re: The Sunday Thread for the First Sunday in November

    It’s my mother’s birthday. We had lunch and cake with her.

    My father’s quite happy with his own performance at the range. Me too. We’ve been doing a lot of shooting lately.

    Working on the fine details of my first song. Can’t wait to start practicing with the band.

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    Re: The Sunday Thread for the First Sunday in November

    brisk bright day, what remains of it. clocks all set. not looking forward to the earlier sunsets but what are you going to do? Leaves are falling with great rapidity. Last week's storms took most of the stuff that changed and now the ground is getting increasingly littered.

    we're having an old friend over for brunch today. He got divorced, sold his house and is moving to FL this week. I need to do a little tidying after I finish my coffee and eye drops. I need to set up the humidifier and prep for the arrival of my new artificial tree. yeah, it's that time of year again. I pretty much know where my lights are, just have to dig them out and figure out what kind of display I can cobble together. Next year I'll get my Griswold on again.

    *oops* didn't post this yet. Our friend has been here and gone. Football game winding down, sun's setting. sigh. oh, well, only 3 months until it starts setting after 5 PM again on Feb 2, 2022.
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