After spending the past 6 months learning all I could(setup, intonation, what's good & what isn't, etc...) and looking at possibly hundreds of guitars in that time, I finally picked up a Strat clone and an amp for the right price and got it from FedEx today. Been looking forward to this all week. Picked up some Super Slinkies, a few different thickness picks, and a string winder thing and have been unable to contain my excitement lol.

I've wanted a guitar since I was like 8 years old. It only took 30 years to finally get one Now on to learning how to play.

I found and his YouTube channel so far. I'm not taking private lessons or anything so it's all on me to learn...and I'm going to. No question about it. I've got the fire burning inside. And it's burning brightly lol. Any suggestions? I assume most here probably learned to play well before the internet or through private lessons but I figure I'll ask anyway.