I have probably asked this before, way back somewhere, and if I have, I apologize in advance. Geezerness kind of creeps up on a guy.

I have two Fender Deluxe Reverbs and I have to get rid of one. Yes, I like them both equally, but I don't need two. If they were really close, it would be easy but they are quite different.

DR # 1 is a 1966 that has been re-cabbed in a Mojotone box. It looks virtually identical to a regular DR except that the Mojotone is a teensy-weensy bit smaller. It was probably re-cabbed for cosmetic reasons. I have the original speaker but it now has an Eminence Patriot Lil' Texas in it. As you might imagine, it sounds great.

DR#2 is a 1969 drip edge in really nice condition. I do not have the original speaker but it has a legendary JBL D120F which was recently re-coned by no less than Weber. This too sounds great

I don't know what to do. Every time I mull it over I wind up in the same place: keep both. Any thoughts?