it's a CV70 precision bass body with a tele style neck with 1.5" (jazz bass size) nut with a beautiful dark almost black fingerboard. If memory serves the neck is currently unfinished and I was thinking of a tung oil with maybe a little tint in it. I plan to polish and massage the frets, round the edges on the nut and I might put a Fender waterslide on it. For now I'm leaving the body stock until I hear how it sounds. I have a '74 reissue pickup from a previous build that I might try in it someday.

I need to drill the mounting holes for the neck and the tuners. i have a drill press but no place to use it, hence the garage project. I've got a set of La Bella flatwounds waiting for it.

soldering isn't that hard but you should practice on something you don't love first. Such a useful skill to learn, though. I used to to electro-mechanical assembly for a living and I learned to solder to mil spec. I could have been certified as Class A but I didn't feel ambitious enough at the time to pursue it. I was 19 and young and dumb. Lardy that was a while ago.