I've had a set of AR-11 loudspeakers since I bought them in 1980. At the time they were one of the most accurate speakers on the market - I loved them! Over teh yeas they got old and frankly - just didn't sound as good as they used to - even with new drivers installed at some point or other. for my birthday this year I decided to treat myself - and here is what I got!

JBL LSR 308 monitors and the LSR 310 subwoofer. I also got a small Denon mixer to go from the Integrated amp to the speakers and a Furman power supply. The power supply is cool - it sequences the start-up so the subwoofer goes on first, then the speakers and then the amp (as recommended by JBL). I had a time listening to them last night. Just plain amazing!! I played a variety of things and they just sang! At the end I put on Cat Stevens' "Tea for the Tillerman" which I always felt was one of the best produced albums of all times. Just awesome!

I tried to post phtots - but for some reason I can't post from facebook this morning.