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Last week Musician's Friend had the French Toast Octave Distortion pedal on sale for $25. I watched several samples on YouTube and it was much more fuzz than distortion and so I got one. It's what I was looking for to use with my P90 and single coil guitars. It's great with a dark sounding amp but you'll want to stay away if you're using bright amps.

I really dig the retro design on those Danelectros, Mike! I own an old Daddy-O overdrive and it's one of the best dirt pedals I've ever had! I like it so much I still keep the original box and manual! Bought it back when I didn't even play live, and through the years I played many great sounding gigs with it. Works wonders with a tube amp.

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I picked up one these On-Stage RS7705 Pro Tiltback Amp Stands... GREAT stand!

Kenny, I got one of those too, very good for those small venues where you don't really have a decent place to set up the amp near the power sources. I keep mine in the car trunk, just in case.