I have this guitar...

The neck is from a Baja Tele. The body is something I had Warmoth make for me. It's a natural ash, semi-hollow Tele with f holes, routed for two humbuckers. The tailpiece is a Bigsby B5 with a tune-o-matic bridge. I've got a vol and tone below the bridge and a 3 way toggle in the upper bout (LP area) for pickup selection.

So, I just added the Seymour Duncan Triple Shot mounting rings along with a pair of P-rails pickups.



The Triple Shot mounting rings are a mixed bag. I love the options they allow, but I felt that the build quality was quite disappointing. The plastic was so flimsy and rubbery that I had to be careful not to overtighten the mounting screws lest the rectangular shape be deformed. I couldn't see these things withstanding any sort of serious abuse. Most pickup mounting rings are made of rigid, heavy duty plastic. For some reason, these weren't. I wish the Triple Shots were offered made of metal.

That said, having 4 switching options right there without having to drill additional holes in the guitar for switches is really, really nice. I've got series, parallel, split to P90, split to single coil. Each pickup can do this so I've got more options than I know what to do with right under my fingertips. The switches are fairly easy to access and they don't get in the way at all. Again, I have some concerns about the long-term durability of the wee plastic switches. But I'm so glad I've got the Triple Shots so I can experience all the variety the P-rails have to offer.

The P-rails pickups... wow. Just wow.

They sound so good in each and every configuration. That's what really blew me away. I thought that maybe the P90 sound would be good but the single coil by itself blah. Not so! Each coil has its own character and inspiring tone. The P90 is fatter and more aggressive, like you'd expect, but the single coil cuts nicely and has a lot to offer as well.

SD's website says that the single coils together can sound like a Strat in position 2 or 4. Not really. But it does sound GOOD. It's got it's own thing going on - very nice for surf music. In series humbucker mode, the p-rails crunch with the best. So much fun, no mud, just clear punch like a good humbucker should.