Just got a new cover and a 14" leg kit today for my 1 mnth old DRRI
Bewdiful amp to say the least

However I want the legs installed and found this some where, might have been on this forum , not sure
Does this sound right to you guys or has someone else gott diff ideas
I just wannabe sure before I drill into the cab (1 mnth old)

I thought I would do a review on the installation of Fender “tilt-back” legs on a new 65 Deluxe Reissue amp. The legs are available in 14”, 16” & 18” sizes to fit a variety of amplifiers. I decided after asking around a bit that the 14” legs were best suited for the Deluxe. There are no instructions or diagrams accompanying the hardware but it’s not difficult to figure out what goes where. I did look at a picture of a Super Reverb to determine the general layout. It would probably be best to visit your favorite music store with a tape measure. The hardware in the package consists of:

2- Legs.
2- 3/16 pivot bolts.
2- self-locking nuts.
6- flat washers. (I only used 4).
2- lock washers.
2- pivot stops.
2- woodscrews for stops.

The tools necessary for installation are:

3/16” drill bit.
1/8” drill bit.
#2 Phillips head screwdriver.
3/8” box end wrench.
Steel scale or ruler.

The biggest trick is drilling the pivot hole for the legs so that nothing else inside gets drilled and you have room to install the washers & nut. I determined that if I positioned the edge of the leg 1-1\2” from the back edge and 1” off the floor, the hole would clear all interior obstacles. I used a 1” block to insure the same install height on both legs and measured the 1-1/2” from the back edge and then simply marked the hole locations with a ball point pen. Next, I drilled the 3/16” holes as marked and installed the legs using the 3/16” bolt, 2 flat washers, (1 inside, 1 outside), a lock washer & the locking nut.

After the legs are installed it’s time to position & install the stops. I simply leaned the amp back until the legs per perpendicular to the floor, positioned the stop piece against the leg, marked it and drilled a 1/8” hole. 2 screws is all it takes to mount the stops and walla! presto-chango! done!

The installation looks like it was done at the factory and works like a charm.


Sound right to you guys??