> Yes, Cubase is smart.. smarter than me obviously

I don't mind Cubase being smarter, but I do wish it was less adversarial!

Note that I'm using 5.1, as - lacking the right drivers - the SeaSound won't run under W2000/XP, thus eliminating Cubase SX.

WDM has been released for Win98SE, and lack of WDM was the point of upgrading to Cubase SX/W2000, but I am unsure if Cubase 5.1 will recognize WDM under Win98SE, and with an existing latency of 14ms in the present configuration, I don't know if it's worth the hassle to experiment, especially given my extremely dim understanding of basic Cubase operation in the first place. The guys with the experimental (and very buggy) W2000/XP SeaSound drivers are claiming 2ms latencies under WDM/XP, but the bugs in this driver set aren't worth it for me either.

Typically, I understand many of the advanced Cubase functions I don't need. It's the basic, fundamental stuff I do need with which I am struggling. Surprisingly (or not), it's impossible to find answers to practical questions in any of the docs I have, and I believe I have all known Steinberg and aftermarket English documentation for Cubase.

Anyhow, I set up the J-Station, Cubase and SeaSound for 44.1/24 and recorded a few test tracks without any significant disasters or clicks nor pops on playback. How it will all synch up with MIDI tracks and straight audio, Lord knows...