Ed DeGenaro of THD Electronics had his home burglarized last night and 9 of his guitars were stolen. The guitars that were stolen are: .

(1) Suhr Tele with 2 buckers and a single, Floyd, maple board (really dirty) quilt top...color Fireball s/n#929

(2) A beat-up SRV Strat, globs of finish missing, Schecter one piece maple neck (reversed head stock)scalloped from the 12th fret up (really dirty), JB jr. in the bridge

(3) Vigier Surfreter Excalibur Sunburst, 2 hum 1 single. Fretless, brass fretboard

(4) Fender JB Strat, purple, purple Dimarzio strap screwed onto it

(5) Fender MIJ sonic blue Strat, Warmoth one piece maple neck (reversed head stock), lil 59er in bridge

(6) Fender Deluxe 5 string Jazz bass MIJ white, rosewood board

(7) Ibanez RG550, Blue, EMG 81 in the bridge, Fred in the neck, Suhr V60 in the middle

(8) Agile 2800 DLX natural quilt, stock

(9) Yamaha Pacifica Stern Tele, white stock

Pictures of these guitars can be seen at http://degenaro.fotopic.net/show_col...n.php?id=63316

If you see any of these instruments for sale on any of the Forums, on ebay or in pawn shops in Seattle (especially the South Seattle area) please contacted Ed at