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Thread: Rise And Shine! It's the Sunday Thread for May 26, 2024

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    Rise And Shine! It's the Sunday Thread for May 26, 2024

    This place has been quieter than death for the past week. The only activity I've seen is spam! I'm hoping that means everyone is enjoying the spring weather. We've had quite a bit of rain, but yesterday and today look like they'll be nice for a change (I heard we'd had rain 14 of the past 19 weekends).

    I've spent the last week obsessing over a new to me song, Jorma Kaukonen's "Good Shepherd." I've found that it's not a difficult song to play, but that I can play it in so many different ways. Does anyone else get so into a song that they play it almost to the exclusion of anything else? I have fun learning a song. Like they say, the journey is the reward!

    It's Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S., which means a three day weekend for those who are still in the work force. My neighbors have decided once again to hold a block party, so I'm going to order some pizza and take along a guitar (per request!). What's on the calendar for you this weekend?
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    Re: Rise And Shine! It's the Sunday Thread for May 26, 2024

    Played a gig at church today, and have another one in about 20 min. On bass and playing the Ric.

    Afterwards I’m thinking about visiting the local Guitar Hell (Center) to look at a bass as they happen to have one. No interest in getting it from them, but want to see what it is. Have a line on the same model at Bass Central at a weight of 8.0 lbs.

    But I was already bit by the I wants with a Ric 360/6V64 at the local shop I consult. Trying to resist the urges and debt.

    Taping F1 and Indy and will watch those later.

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    Re: Rise And Shine! It's the Sunday Thread for May 26, 2024

    We've had some changing weather patterns here on the western shore of Lake Michigan the last few days with a small tornado even touching down a few miles from me last week. Yesterday was the perfect early summer day with clear blue skies and a 70° day, but today we're back to overcast with approaching thunderstorms...oh, great.

    I've put together a group of great musicians to play a blues fest this summer and we've started working up a song list for our portion of the show. The only song that's giving my arthritic old hands any trouble is an old Little Richard tune called "Money Is". A little woodshedding and I'll be ready to go. It should be a fun set to play with a group of old friends who have around 280 years of experience when you add us all together.

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    Re: Rise And Shine! It's the Sunday Thread for May 26, 2024

    a rare rain free weekend and I hope I didn't just jinx it. A festival near me (an hour away) beckons, camping is available but I don't think I'll be staying. I'm getting around much better, even going out without my cane but I'd be pushing it trying to camp right now. Plus it's supposed to be raining in the morning.

    The cellar stairs are less and less of an obstacle. I can carry things (within reason) going up and down. Brought my Strat and Les Paul down. Fired up my half stack in the basement this week, first time in over a year. Had a couple of epiphanies. First, my recording rig is basically portable. It fits in a box plus the monitor. 2 trips plus a power bar and I can set it up anywhere. Second, I realized an unused disassembled kitchen table could be a recording desk/workbench so I set that up. Just waiting for bro to go out for an extended period of time. Well, he's going to Boston today. I have 4 hours before I leave for that festival. If I don't spazz and stay on the computer all day, I can get some playing time in and maybe even *gasp* record something.

    I want to stay home. Time alone has been precious lately. Bro's GF has a house under construction and things are not proceeding according to plan, which I knew would happen. It never does with construction. They moved out of her apartment this month and he hasn't been away all month except for a couple nights on a business trip this week.
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