When playing rock, my primary bass is a Fender AVRI 62 Jazz Bass.

But I've been playing folk, jazz, kid's tunes, and Hawaiian with acoustic ensembles (mainly ukulele groups) steadily since 2011. Used a fretless U-Bass for years, then went to a Breedlove fretless acoustic/electric bass recently.

Breaking a string on the U-bass is a 20-minute change, then constant retuning for nearly a week before it becomes stable. I bought a used U-Bass II as a fast backup before the second string-break.

When the Squier Paranormal 54 Jazz Bass came out in black with gold pickguard, I liked it as a spare Jazz Bass with the concentric stack knob controls.

It played well, but the chrome looked cheap with the beautiful matte gold metal pickguard. So I changed all the metal bits to black, including upgrading the tuners to Hipshots.

But as I played more and more fretless, then I found a new Fender Player fretless Jazz Bass neck... I wanted it.

Here's my Fender/Squier fretless Player Paranormal 54 Jazz Bass with no chrome: