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Thread: Power transformer for Champion 100

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    Power transformer for Champion 100

    I took a flier on a Facebook Marketplace listing for a Champion 100, and I found out through a tech why I got such a good deal on it: the power transformer was shot. He could not find a replacement, and he commented that these lower-end amps are almost considered "disposable" and are not really repairable.

    It's not a big deal, but I would rather get some use for the amp, other than for the odd spare part, or as a stand for other amps to rest on.

    Should I just call it a day on this, or is there a replacement out there somewhere? I haven't come up with anything searching various supply places on my own.

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    Re: Power transformer for Champion 100

    Your tech wasn't shining you on......though to an 8th grader with a knock-off Strat they may look great sitting under the tree on Christmas Day, they're total junk through and through. No redeeming value whatsoever, not even as salvage.

    Cut your losses.
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