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Thread: Technically it's Sunday, so her we go!

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    Technically it's Sunday, so her we go!

    It's 12:15, so it IS Sunday! Lots of birthdays over the next couple weeks. My grandaughter is 8 tomorrow - the family is coming over for cake in the afternoon. In two weeks my brother turns 67 and my grandson turns 18 on teh same day. On Thursday he asked me for an electric guitar. Of course I told him dream on! On Friday I was in the studio recording a new song (it's coming out great, so far) and my buddy Paul tells me that he just got a text that the Sam Ash Music store in New Haven is closing and they are having a going out of business sale. I literally go within a 1/4 mile of the store on the way home, so I stop in to see if I can get him something. They had a gorgeous Squier for about $200 that was a metallic grey color (the same color as my Mustang) with two humbuckers in it. So, he's getting a guitar for his birthday after all. I can't post phtots yet - I have to host them on facebook and he'd see it... I'll post pics later.

    Have a great week everybody!
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    Re: Technically it's Sunday, so her we go!

    Yes, it's Sunday. I'm awake at a more respectable hour as I need to head to the airport for my flight home. I've been in Florida for my annual pilgrimage and dinner that I've been attending regularly for something like the past 36 years. I stopped in at 7 C Music in St. Petersburg and spent an hour of so playing various guitars (I was actually surprised at how good the low-end Martin GPC 2xe sounded and played!). Fortunately, there wasn't one that screamed "Take me home with you," so I escaped unscathed. I'll be home about six hours from now.
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    Re: Technically it's Sunday, so her we go!

    Technically, we're in the Front Desk instead of the Whammy Bar. But at least we have a single thread. Ha ha.

    You know how when you feel terrible, then something gives you instant relief? That's how I feel this weekend. GF has moved out, and so peace has returned to the zoo. With her stuff gone, I've been able to move half the guitar gear to that empty room. She wasn't a bad person, just not the right match, and we've been having problems for a while. I am relieved to be alone.

    Guitar-wise. Had a go on the Les Paul the last few days and the Höfner bass. Last night, I was playing the bass lines to "All My Loving." Amazing lines on that. George and John's guitars on the song are so interesting that most listeners aren't aware of just interesting those bass lines are. And McCartney is singing lead while playing it, does it live, so you know he's got it.
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    Re: Technically it's Sunday, so her we go!

    Got a new grill finished being built yesterday. Then ordered some tires for the Mini (ditching the run flats). Going to start driving it to work instead of the F150. (Twice the gas mileage roughly). The wife thinks it’s a death trap, but is allowing a 1-2x a week.

    Slept in past 4:30. Went to church. Paid bills. Learned the guitar riffs for next Sun. Now watching Napoleon.

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