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Thread: Mod Shop Strat

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    Mod Shop Strat

    I’ve kinda had the bug for a “Gilmour” “black strat” for awhile, so I spec’d a knockoff at the Fender Mod Shop and I received it yesterday. They advertise a 30-day build time, but this thing shipped within a few days of ordering. I believe the website advises that build orders after Dec. 1 probably will not ship until > Jan. 1, fwiw.

    I went with the big headstock of the Gilmour original, with black guard and white plastic. ‘61 pickups. Hardtail. By no means a true representation, but I was going for “the look” and with features I don’t have in any of my other Strats. This is just a review of the Mod Shop, and this guitar as just what it is.

    Overall, I’d give this here geetar a 8.9 on a 10 pt scale. The neck is absolutely fantastic. The body is incredibly light and resonant. She stays in tune and plays easy. And the stock p’ups sound great, maybe the biggest happy surprise after the killer neck. Seems to definitely sit in a place between CS and off the rack USA Fender; like an elevated USA Fender. Not “partscaster” as I’ve seen many call Mod Shop guitars. Maybe that’s what it is, but nicer than any of my other parts-o-casters over the years. Comes with an unusual (like a one size fits all) case, but it’s of nice quality.

    If you’ve been thinking about ordering from the MS to get an instrument that has the features you really want and the upcharge isn’t an issue, I gotta say I think you’ll be happy with the end product.

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    Re: Mod Shop Strat

    You know the or it didn't happen.
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    Re: Mod Shop Strat

    The Gilmour black strat is a piece of art, in every one of its iterations

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    Re: Mod Shop Strat

    I really don't think you can ever get anyone else's sound when you play, so many variations there are in the way we play and what makes our playing unique, but I love the Black Strat, and I've made my on iteration of it. Y'all've seen it. The neck that the original owner tried to relic, a Mexican body, and Duncan pickups. Well, it might be the ugly person at the dance, but when it's plugged in, it doesn't matter. A 94 AmStd neck, no matter how it looks, it feels great in my hands. And because it's from my best friend-brother, it means more to me to have this neck on it than to putting on one without stains.

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