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Thread: Balanced v Unbalanced Outputs

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    Balanced v Unbalanced Outputs

    Wondering what you guys do? I generally us the 30' rule for my guitar rig.

    If it's 30' or less I use the unbalanced unless I start picking up noise. I do this because I don't like the "feel" of the 3dB boost on the balanced. It adds something akin to - but not exactly like - compression that I don't like. It also affects levels between gain and clean. I also get complaints from FOH that my signal is too hot on short balanced cables.

    Over 30' I use balanced outputs because I get enough drop in the cables I don't feel it.

    Generally they have my guitar rig on two paths of a snake that's 50' or 100' depending on venue.

    I've tried setting my rig up with a 3 dB pad when using shorter balanced lines but didn't like it.

    What do you do?
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    Re: Balanced v Unbalanced Outputs

    I always use balanced unless that's not an option.
    I too get "too hot" issues with the Fractal (not so much with the Helix). Its easily accommodated for at the board or on the front panel of the Fractal.

    Never noticed the 3db kick you reference, but that's probably because I am 99.99% balanced. I set up all my patches using balanced into FRFR at gig volumes (90-105db) so I have an idea of how it reacts in FOH.

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