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Thread: Keanu Reeves Precision

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    Keanu Reeves Precision

    Fender is teasing what might be a signature Keanu Reeves Precision Bass. This is from their website:

    Get ready to play in the Matrix--the Keanu Precision will be rumbling your way in time for the holidays. For bassists hoping to make it sound like Keanu, no fretting: only root notes, especially open E, A, D, and G. Speed be damned, burn the wick on this one because every tune you play is possible in 4/4 time--you're good to go no matter which song you cover from Keanu's band Dogstar. You won't be playing ones and zeroes. Nooooooo. It's four for every measure, not three, not eight, but 4. Amaze your friends. Amaze your pets. Comes with pressboard amp, a set of three picks, a nylon strap, a 4' cable, and a Propeil Pocket Fisherman. But wait--there's more! Pre-order one today, and you'll get Dogstar's Greatest Hits for free (just pay $59.99 for extra shipping and handling). Get yours today!
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