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Thread: Any gigging bass players? What are you using and what are you playing?

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    Any gigging bass players? What are you using and what are you playing?

    Always good to find out who is doing what - out and about.

    Curious where you are, what you are using for why types of rooms and what kinds of music you are playing.

    Not really asking about the rig that has two racks of effects or 14 pedals and never leaves the house. More interested in what you are taking out, and how you are using it.
    I love a HUGE Lead Sled rig that speaks like the voice of God - but not looking for that in this thread unless it goes to the party.

    I have evolved to lighter gear - for the most part. I run a Genz Shuttle or a GK MB500 most of the time. Either finds its way into a Avatar 212 neo or Avatar 112 SB or BBC 1212 tank (for now). I may look at an Avatar neo 210 or similar, but will likely go rumble 500 or 800 210 combo. I see enough guys coming through the room I do sound at that I am more than comfortable with any of these. I see some rigs with issues, some without, and many of the ones that have issues are expensive. Realization is that older stuff is easier to work on, newer stuff tends to be lighter, and finding THAT balance is where the magic is.

    I bought an older sansamp bass driver pedal, and in a pinch can put myself in the house system and not miss a beat. In fact it takes longer to take it out and hook it up than to dial it in.
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    Re: Any gigging bass players? What are you using and what are you playing?

    Unless I fill in for another player my primary gigs these days are playing an annual blues fest honoring my old friend, blues artist Bryan Lee, with backline provided or an annual two-week charity fund raiser where I play in the “pit orchestra”.

    In the pit band I use either my 55-94 Lakland bass or an old EB Stingray 5 (prefer the Lakland). For an amp I actually use my little practice rig that consists of an Eden WTX500 amp with an old X2 wireless driving a TC Electronic RS210 cabinet. There is a direct line to the house PA off of the Eden. I bought the RS210 used for $100 and it’s the best C note I ever spent on equipment.

    The rig I wish I was using, sitting unused in my practice room, is an Aguilar DB680 preamp into a Crown K2 amp driving a pair of EA VL210 cabinets with a Line 6 G55 wireless.

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    Re: Any gigging bass players? What are you using and what are you playing?

    I'll chime in.

    Mainly I play at churches, so mainly Christian Contemporary. These range from simplistic settings to quite elaborate settings. In any given week I may play a number of them (for instance, this week I have 7 gigs, some though are guitar).
    99% of the time, I am running to FOH. In that, and to reduce load ins/outs, I have a few rigs and in the process of changing one.

    The rigs are a Fractal AXE-FX3 and a Sansamp Fly bass with a reverb pedal. I also recently let go my Hartke KB15 and got a Helix LT. I did that to simplify load ins/outs. One of the churches I play at use that as their house rigs, so adopting that as a platform. (In fact later this AM, I am loading my patches on it.) For where FOH is not available, I have a couple of Mackie 1600 watt FRFR speakers that I can use. My plan is once I am happy with the Helix patch, I'll sell the Sansamp rig.

    Once I load in for a rehearsal, I will often leave my setup, and use something else at the other. Using the house Helix, I won't have to worry about bringing mine and leave it at the other venue.

    Example: Load in at church A on Thursday for rehearsal and a gig. Leave it there. Take another rig to another gig on Saturday. Return to church A< do a couple more gigs then load out. Its all logistics.

    For basses: Depends on how I feel, what the setlist is, and if my focal dystonia is acting up. (If it is, I stay away from the 5 string).
    For 1 church, my go to is a PBass with flatwounds of a frettless JBass with tapewounds. The main other church I play at, I normally use my Ric or the Dingwall 5 string. Lately I have been bringing a Spector Ethos that I recently got.

    I'm sort of all over the place, because I am in a state of transition. I am trying to minimize the amount of gear I load in/out as it happens often. I also keep a strict eye on weight as my back is bad.

    Some weights on basses:
    PBass - 7.8 lbs
    Dingwall 5 - 8.5 lbs
    Ric - 9.5 lbs
    Spector - 8.9 lbs

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