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Thread: Unknown Strat!

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    Unknown Strat!

    Hello all,

    Sorry if I have done this incorrect!! But I have seen a Strat for sale but I cannot find any info and the owner has no COA. I have some pictures but cannot figure out how to upload them here

    It is stated as a custom shop limited edition Strat and has a SRV signature on the back of the headstock. Guitar looks far to clean, Serial number is N3916591 which I believe should be a 1993 unless CS do it different. Serial is on the back of the headstock also. It also has a double string tree which I cannot see on others like this. Fender website has no information using this serial number.



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    Re: Unknown Strat!

    Hi David, welcome to TFF! There are a lot of super-knowledgeable people here, but without photos any response you'll get will likely be a guess. Photos will help.

    Here's a tutorial on how to post photos here:

    I checked your serial number on four different sites (two of them Fender). Only one of them return a vague spec, which as you've posted, suggests a 1993. That the serial numbers match (neck and body) is a very good thing™. If you can supply some visuals, I think we'll get you much closer...
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    Re: Unknown Strat!


    Photos are essential.
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