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Thread: Fender Cake

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    Fender Cake

    And now for something completely different.

    Made entirely of vanilla sponge cake (except for the strings and 6 tiny lengths of flower wire). Awarded Highly Commended recognition in the 2020 Cake Professionals Awards sculpted cake category for this cake.

    More photos here:
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    Re: Fender Cake

    We really need Bob to find a picture of a Fender Jam Ass Cake.
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    Re: Fender Cake

    Quote Originally Posted by Offshore Angler View Post
    We really need Bob to find a picture of a Fender Jam Ass Cake.
    Bwah ha ha! Or the "Eat My Shorts" cake. Even being in exile didn't stop me from hosting a BIG tweedscape jam. Oh the pageantry!

    Or, the "Deer Strike on Bike" cake. I made a roadway with a crashed motorcycle and deer lying on the road with the rider flying over the cake impaled by a guitar string, LOL!

    That was the jam held in honor on my buddy Tom having a deer jump on him during a ride. Raise a nice chunk of change for him that day. And good cake too!

    And let's not forget "The Big Dig Cake" for the Boston jam while the tunnel digging was going on. It was a construction site with half a dozen mini Tonka trucks and bulldozers all over it.

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