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Thread: Fender Speed Slick String Cleaner Question

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    Fender Speed Slick String Cleaner Question

    So I just got the Fender Speed Slick product, it´s a guitar string cleaner that I thought was a good idea to try out, however, I have a classical guitar that needs some string cleaning and I was wondering if this Speed Slick product is usable on the strings of a classical guitar.

    The package of the product has some text saying "The Fender Speed Slick cleaning solution is safe for any finish and/or fingerboard wood.", and it sounds convincing and all but I want to be absolutely sure about using this on a classical guitar. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and could help me out on confirming is this is a good idea or not.

    Fender Speed Slick:

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    Re: Fender Speed Slick String Cleaner Question

    I'd advise looking on the packaging for an ingredients list. When you're asking about a classical guitar, I assume you mean a nylon stringed instrument?

    I use
    Stringjoy's Natural Guitar String Conditioner and they insist its 100% safe for strings AND fretboards. They back it with a money-back guarantee. If the Fender product reads "Do not get in eyes," or "wash hands after use," then you probably want to avoid it.
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