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Thread: Prayers and good vibes to Norm

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    Prayers and good vibes to Norm

    I saw on Instagram that Norm, from Norman's Rare Guitars, is severely ill, currently in the hospital with his family.

    A very traditional guitar seller, and IIRC a supporter of the LPF (not sure but I remember having seen a banner there).

    Prayers for him.

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    Re: Prayers and good vibes to Norm

    I read the same story yesterday, in Guitar World. Following his 14-hour surgery, he suffered a heart attack. Prayers in mega-doses!
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    Re: Prayers and good vibes to Norm

    I believe he had a 108° chemo bath that circulates the chemo solution throughout the abdominal area killing the cancer cells but not healthy cells. I’d never heard of this therapy until reading about his treatment.

    I hope the best for him and his family.

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