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For Sale: Fender Classic Series '70s Stratocaster

Made in 2009. All stock - it will ship with the white pickguard and hardware, not the black, unless you want to work something out. It's in excellent condition with a few finish scuffs on the back. Beautiful ash body and nice curl figure on the maple neck. It weighs 7 lbs, 6.2 oz on my postal scale.

As you probably know, these are faithful recreations of the 1970s era Stratocasters without the quality control issues that plagued that era for Fender. I have owned two late '70s Stratocasters and find this one in no way inferior.

No case, but I will pack it securely.

$750 plus shipping ($810 shipped in continental USA). Pay with USPS Money order or PayPal. If using Paypal add 3.5% for the fee. I checked Reverb and tried to price it very competitively vs. any other Classic Series or Vintera '70s Stratocasters.

Will meet face to face in SW Montana