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Thread: Strat Recommendation please

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    Strat Recommendation please

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy my first Strat in about 30 years. There's many more models than when I bought my last Strat in 1999! So, I'm looking for recommendations. I'm trying to find a HSS, HH, or HSH Strat with a rosewood compound radius fingerboard. Is there such a model? Scrolling through the Fender Website is almost futile due to the vast number of selections. Thanks for any help you all can provide!! Cheers!!

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    Re: Strat Recommendation please

    Check out stratosphere parts. Lots of options and if you know what your budget, many good deals to find. I just went with a Players Series (Mexican made) burst body but instead of the stock maple neck, I got a rosewood in the radius I wanted.

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    Re: Strat Recommendation please

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    Re: Strat Recommendation please

    Squiers are great! Good starting point if you don't want to blow a big budget on one you're not sure of.

    They tend to be good starting points for bigger projects too.

    A lot of us will recommend going to any local guitar store and see what feels right to you. Granted floor models might be poorly set up or with old strings, but it's a starting point as well.

    I recently went all in on a Fender Mod Shop Strat where I configured it online and it came VERY well setup and sounds great. If you have the budget it's not a bad option.
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