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Thread: Anyway to tell?

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    Anyway to tell?

    Kind of new to the whole fender world, as I’ve only only owned a couple of fender guitars very briefly over the last 30 years.
    As I’ve been off the market for years I now see that there’s ALOT more models out there that I first expected, which is very interesting but also confuses me, so I Hope to learn as much as possible and think alot of people here has knowledge about my question here:

    First I’d like to know if there’s any indications to look for and if there’s any way to tell if a strat or Tele is a custom shop model or production model, just by looking at the front of a guitar? Or does such thing has to be verified by serial number?
    I.e I know that some Gibson guitars have different bridge and knob positions when they’re from the custom shop compared to a standard production les Paul.
    Also there are different materials used for inlays which can vary from the cs models and production models.
    But how is it with fender guitars?
    Anyway you can tell the difference by the eye without having the actual guitar in your hands?

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    Re: Anyway to tell?

    Bonafide editions from Fender's Custom Shop generally are marked on the reverse side of the headstock with a decal attesting as much.
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    Re: Anyway to tell?

    It can be very hard to tell, for instance, a production 60s reissue from a CS 69s RI, as well as an American Standard from a CS Custom Classic, just by looking at a front pic.

    The usual differences reside in the decals and of course, the inside stuff.

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