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Thread: 2012 Fender 62 Custom Shop LTD - more info please

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    2012 Fender 62 Custom Shop LTD - more info please

    2012 Fender 62 Custom Shop LTD


    I can hardly get any information on this guitar. Considering it
    Looked at the 2012 "vault" on fenders site but it's unlisted
    Any help or advice on wether this run was a good one or bad - appreciated
    Especially neck thickness (I like them not so thick) and its custom pickup config

    The Cobraman

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    Re: 2012 Fender 62 Custom Shop LTD - more info please

    Wow, some people will pay top dollar for a ten year-old guitar that looks like it was mugged in a dark alley and then dragged out into the light to suffer another beating. But it's your money and your choice, so there you have it.

    The serial number seems to match up with Fender's lookup function, although the "CZ" prefix is considered "outside the norm." That suggests Custom Shop, which you also indicated.

    The "C" neck profile and 9.5" radius put it in line with many Strats (I've seen them anywhere from 7.5" to 11.5"). I can only compare that to my Custom Shop Robin Trower Signature model, which has a "Large C" profile with a 9.5" radius. It's a nice feel for me, with small hands. Mine has 21 "medium jumbo" frets while yours is listed as 21 "medium" frets. I don't know if that makes a difference to you. The nut width on both is 1.65," which I prefer (again, with the small hands). Mine is a maple fretboard, which I prefer, this one is rosewood.

    Probably the real issue is in the pickups. Yours lists "69 Neck, FAT50 Middle, Texas Special Bridge." Mine runs "Custom 54, Custom 60s RWRP, and Custom Shop Texas Special Bridge." They both have a four-bolt neck plate, alder bodies, and six-saddle bridges.

    The finish on mine is urethane. Yours is nitro with "heavy relic." Mine has abalone inlays, yours has dot inlays. Mine is a "American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo," yours is shown simply as "Vintage Style."

    All in all, a pretty similar issue, except mine looks fresh and new (and I try to keep it that way) while your looks like it was dragged behind a truck. And you wind up paying the extra $$$ for the hauling.

    Oh, and welcome to TFF!

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    Re: 2012 Fender 62 Custom Shop LTD - more info please

    Old Strummer - hilarious read and informative.
    I often wonder how the custom shop people feel about destroying some of their finest work.
    I'm not super happy about the relic job but intrigued by the pickup config and the LTD run..
    I have options including new CS stuff
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