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Thread: Post YOUR Fender Strat Sound clips please !

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    Post YOUR Fender Strat Sound clips please !

    Hi Guys,
    I have recently bought a great Fender CS Strat, Masterbuilt by Todd Krause. A full review video of this Strat will come soon !
    In the video below you can hear how my Strat sounds through the marshall amp.
    Pickups in my Strat are Josefinas (if written correctly), really very very good sounding IMHO.

    Took me quite a while to figure out how to use my new Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X amp.
    I am doing lots of studio recording (Eve Audio SC305 & Beyerdynamic DT770) and live we play most of the times In Ear Monitors.
    I love that sound , always stereo and really great band mix and no ear fatigue / pain / loss of frequencies after a long night playing .

    So, my Amp speaker out goes to a Suhr Reactive Load and then into my Fractal Audio FM3 for the Speaker Impulse and Post FX.
    Just recently I tried out the EV12L Speaker Impulse of a 2x12 Marshall '66 Cab from Ownhammer and really started to love that sound.

    So here is my video with all my Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul sounds.
    Let me know how you like them and post your sound clips please with your amps.

    Thanks !

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    Re: Post YOUR Fender Strat Sound clips please !

    Will do, as soon as possible.

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