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Thread: Refurbishing potentiometers:

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    Refurbishing potentiometers:

    The more I solder, the better I get; that's not to say that I'm any good at it yet, because I was REALLY bad.
    So while cleaning up my garage/shop last week, I ended up collecting a pint jar full of old pots that were covered with great globs of solder. One of them had the Gibson logo stamped on the can, but it was barely readable. I thought to myself, "that would be cool if there was some way I could clean that up." So I did. Lifting the four tabs on the edge of the can, I removed it from the shaft & wiper assembly. I then applied heat to it using a propane torch until the solder flowed. Using a small wire brush I removed the excess/old solder. Finishing it off w/a wire wheel brought it back to life, or at least gave it a luster.
    I'm wondering now how to lube the wipers. Will some white lithium grease work? Do I need some expensive, potentially cancer causing dielectric oil?
    Thoughts please

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