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Thread: A Friend's 335 is a Sweet One

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    A Friend's 335 is a Sweet One

    My best friend of almost 30 years has bought his dream ES-335. The tobacco one is a 64ri, and he says it plays worlds ahead of the cherry one. I don't know--I'd take either one of them.

    Pretty sharp little Gibby collection in any case

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    Re: A Friend's 335 is a Sweet One


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    Re: A Friend's 335 is a Sweet One

    I have a 60's cherry. I absolutely love it. Everyone needs a 335 in their collection. I did put a Bigsby on mine. I used Christian Towner's system so no need to drill holes in the guitar. I can put it back to its stock form in a matter of minutes. No discernable impact on tone. It is indeed a great system. I know this may sound like heresy, But.... I think I like my 335 better than my strat!

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