These came on the late 90's to early 2000's American Deluxe H-S-S Strats. They used ALNICO magnets and were overwound to better match the output of the DH-1 humbucker in the bridge position. They are not the same as the current Jeff Beck Ceramic magnet Hot Noiseless pups.

I have a '98 American Deluxe with three of the original regular VNs (not hot) and would like to replace the middle pup with the hotter version, because I had to lower the middle pickup so it would not interfere with my picking. Now it is too low to match the output of the bridge and neck VN's. I would like to find a Hot VN because it would work with the same pot values currently in my guitar that Fender recommended at the time for the regular VNs- 500k vol and 1K tone pots. The Hot VN is the only higher output noiseless Strat pickup that I am aware of that doesn't specify 250k or 500k pots and I dont really want to replace all three pups.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.