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Thread: Supro 1820 Delta King 10 5W Tube Guitar Amp

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    Supro 1820 Delta King 10 5W Tube Guitar Amp

    For the second day in a row (which I find unusual), Musician's Friend is showing their Stupid Deal of the Day this 5W tube amp, saying, "The Delta King 10 5W tube guitar amp delivers the authentic 6V6-powered tube-amp tone of the Chicago-made Supro combos from the 1950s. Its Class A power amp provides all of the natural compression and touch-sensitive headroom that have made these vintage “single-ended” combos a bedrock of recorded rock history. Offering 5 watts of 6L6 tube power through the custom 10" DK10 speaker, the Delta King 10 strikes between at-home recording amp and onstage rig."

    Discounted to $399 (US), this strikes me as a top-end amp for its size and output. Supro is a name I've heard, but I know nothing about these amps. Deal, or no deal?

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    Re: Supro 1820 Delta King 10 5W Tube Guitar Amp

    somebody forgot to change it before going home for the day. It's gone now.
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    Re: Supro 1820 Delta King 10 5W Tube Guitar Amp

    Supro was a second-tier brand very common in the '50s and '60s and their amps used similar circuits to those made by Danelectro, Alamo, Airline (Wards), and Silvertone (Sears). While the cabinetry was not as robustly built as the enclosures made by Fender, Supro tone was generally quite pleasing when used with a quality instrument.
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