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Thread: Fender Rumble and Hollow Eastman 810CE

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    Fender Rumble and Hollow Eastman 810CE

    Admittedly, I need to spend more time eq-ing the guitar into my Fender and Vox tube amps, but so far, the amp that sounds best to my ears with it is my ss Fender Rumble 40 bass amp. I know that many of the jazz guitarists who interest me used Polytone, and tube Fender and Gibson amps. I'm just surprised at just how good the little Rumble is for clarity and a throaty bass that doesn't overwhelm. My Eastman has only a volume control going to it's little pickguard-mounted pickup.

    I dig the Fender Rumble amps. Great bass combos, not bad with any guitar if you take advantage of the excellent eq systems in the Rumbles.
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    Re: Fender Rumble and Hollow Eastman 810CE

    I need to experiment (again) with my mini bass stack. I think the only guitar I played through it was my Squier CV50 Tele. It wasn't much of a test, really.
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