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Thread: Ongoing Saga of The 1983 Ibanez Artist AR100

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    Ongoing Saga of The 1983 Ibanez Artist AR100

    A month or so ago, I decided to wire a Dave Starr harness into my Ibanez Artist, which while the wiring and switches were original, shorted out and scratched,.

    I finally got down to things last night. Used WD-40 electrical contact spray, and threaded the wires back into the cavity. I had to remove the top pickup to get the cable through. First, these pups are the original Super 58 pups from 83. And, I'm a novice tech, but I felt the wax on the back of the pup and smoothed it away to see the insignia. Is that a normal thing for those pups, or is there some reason for it? Or did somebody over wax them when potting?

    As it turned out, the harness didn't fit. I hadn't figured on the pots being bigger than the openings. I've got to call Dave today and see what he can do--The only reason I use him is that he can get lefty pots that I can't seem to find.

    My dog Keevo takes shelter when I use the soldering iron.

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