I've long only preferred pedals that take batteries as I loathe wall warts, more damn cables to sprawl across the floor, jostling for space at the power bar. However, that has been limiting my choices as there are many out there that are DC power plugs only.

I just don't do the pedal board thing, nor do I have enough pedals to justify a multi point power supply. At the moment, I have a delay pedal and now the Browne Protein that are DC only.

I saw a 9V clip with DC adaptor on ebay and bought a bag of them. But the Browne Protein doesn't work with them. I pulled the clip off of one of them, held the bare wire to a battery and the pedal lit up.

A youtube video showed how to make your own battery clips by scavenging the top of a dead 9V battery and soldering leads to it. Once I find my soldering iron, I'm giving that a go.