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Thread: Soldering iron

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    Soldering iron

    It may sound odd but I’m a 40+ year old guitarist, been gigging with bands for years, but…

    never took the time to learn to use a soldering iron and do minor soldering works myself, like output jacks and pedal switches.

    Got a used wah with a cold joint and decided to fix it myself. Did my first soldering job this afternoon

    Anyway, I used a 40 watt iron. Is that hot enough for most guitar related jobs or should I get a 60 watter? I’ve heard that if the iron isn’t hot enough and the process takes too long it might be bad for pots and other sensitive parts.

    C’mon, guys, help the

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    Re: Soldering iron

    Forty watts is sufficient for all but the hardiest of repairs, like affixing a ground wire to an amp's chassis or a Strat's trem claw. I favor Weller's soldering-station for most jobs.
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    Re: Soldering iron

    Yep. 40 watts will do most guitar related jobs. It's all in how you use it- keeping the tip clean and tinned, heating the parts with the iron and applying solder to the parts rather than the iron itself, etc. Put a blob of solder on the tip of the iron when you're done for the day- the tip will last a lot longer.

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