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Thread: Random Thoughts II--Non Sequiturs Welcom

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    Random Thoughts II--Non Sequiturs Welcom

    My Random Bass Life

    1. I need some serious jamming time with a band to get used to playing the G&L JB-5. I play it a bit at home, but I need to jam to get a feel for the bass.

    2. A year ago, I played mostly with a pick; now, my digits. It makes me feel freer to take chances not just in how I use a pick or not but in the way I hold the bass and have a vague but powerful "feeling" of having more control.

    3. I had a moment's thought of trading my AmPro P Bass for Musicman Stingray. I played the pp out of my P, and I'll just shut up about it from now on. It was my number one for three years, and now, I play the AmPro parts JB I assembled more than any.


    Random and Polarizing Thoughts:

    Precisions, Rics, and Gibsons seem very percussive to me. Percussive and thuddy. Rics are only raspy if you use rounds and play only the bridge pup.

    I love my JB but they sometimes sound like you could grate an apple on their tones.

    Laklands and Alembics are great, but I've never played either.

    Music Man and G&L: Couldn't outright duplicate Fender's instruments, so they started selling unique shaped and voiced guitars from the 7th dimension of the multiverse. Nah, they took what they could. Leo, after all....
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    Re: Random Thoughts II--Non Sequiturs Welcom

    I keep making the mistake of looking at my right (strumming/picking) hand. I use my thumb a lot, so I notice the rest of the fingers when not in use are splayed out all across the pickguard area. I think it looks goofy.

    But when I to make it "look good," I sound bad.

    I have to keep reminding myself it's the music that counts, not the appearance.
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