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Thread: Fender Vibro Champ Silverface?

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    Fender Vibro Champ Silverface?

    Happy Easter everyone. Newbie here.
    Found this project Fender in my dads backyard. Neat little tube amp but could be in better shape. Bought some new tubes, reworked the three prong, threw in a new fuse, and it works! Sounds great; the built in tremolo adds a really killer tube compression. No idea how to date the thing, but I'm assuming its from the 70's - 80's since the reissues have built-in reverb and this doesn't. What I need help with however is the speaker wire. The negative terminal on the wire is broken and has to be held on by tape for it to work. Also the two terminals connect to an RCA type jack which I haven't seen before. I don't usually mess around with speaker cabinets, but I'd like to replace the wire; I have a fear this could lead to permanent damage to the amp. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Fender Vibro Champ Silverface?

    All you need do is re-solder the speaker wires onto the phono plug -- the black wire is the ground and connects to the plug's outside collar.

    As for establishing the amp's year of manufacture, use the EIA code numbers stamped on the power and output trannies to determine the age. You'll also find a date code ink-stamped on the cap can -- if it's older than ten years, it should be replaced.
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