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Thread: Fender Tonemaster Amps

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    Fender Tonemaster Amps

    So -
    I know we had touched on this at some point. I have a friend who is using the DRRI Tonemaster amp and it sounds great. He has been using it for going on 3 years so that is just over a year in real time due to pandemic conditions I think.

    Without speaking blindly, and voicing "I Use Tube Only Opinions".......
    have any of you used or heard......leaning more to the used one of these?

    I am thinking about one.......or maybe a princeton reverb reissue.
    Kenny Belmont

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    Re: Fender Tonemaster Amps

    I'd like to try one, though, even if it sounded, reacted, and felt like the "real thing", I don't know if I'd buy one. I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to having things repaired- I like owning things that I know I can repair myself after the warranty ends. My vintage amps, clones of vintage amps, and Dr. Z amps all fall into that category.

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    Re: Fender Tonemaster Amps

    I'll try one someday, don't know if my GC has any in or not. Maybe the place in Manchester where I got my LP Deluxe has some. That store has really grown since GC moved in, interestingly enough. It used to be strictly a used gear bazaar.
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    Re: Fender Tonemaster Amps

    I tried one out a while back. I was really impressed by it.
    I didn't play side-by-side with a tube one, but solo it was as good as any modeling amp I've played.
    Had the riight tonality, good breakup at the right spots.
    |I also did like the attenuator built in. |The amp still reacted the same way, just quieter. (except for speaker breakup at high volume.)
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