Hello folks!
New member here, but I have solid feedback on other forms!

I took this lovely guitar in on trade tonight, however, I am a lefty! 'wished it was, its stunning!'

The guitar is literally flawless... long story short... the fellow I got the guitar from tonight is a lefty 'I am a lefty' and his father passed away, and left him this guitar, I traded him a lefty I wasn't playing for this guitar... I am looking to sell it or trade for other high quality lefties.. pictures do not do this guitar justice, its in VERY good condition and looks amazing!~ this is a 2006 60th Anniversary Hardtail USA Strat! pretty rare!

PM me your offers, I am located in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada, but would be willing to ship on your dime! Fender hardshell case included!


These are the pictures I have from the seller I got tonight.. I can take better quality pictures for those interested, again.. the guitar is 9.9/10 its very nice! ....wished it was a lefty because its stunning!
looking for $1800 CDN OBO or trade for lefties?