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Thread: Holy shit, it worked. Thanks, Gravity Jim

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    Holy shit, it worked. Thanks, Gravity Jim

    sometimes it just takes somebody saying something to help me make an intuitive leap when I get stuck with something.

    I used to make videos and hope I could find some way to get the sound into a proper audio format like mp4 so I could listen to it in my car. There were many a really lousy dubs made onto cassette tapes, which was disheartening because sometimes the source material sounded ok if I listened through headphones playing it back on my computer. Something gets lost trying to use the headphone out to a tape deck, though.

    Now if only there were some talent in that playing, LOL.
    "Live and learn and flip the burns"

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    Re: Holy shit, it worked. Thanks, Gravity Jim

    No problem, Dan. In 30 years of engineering project studio audio, I have made every conceivable mistake many times over.

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