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Thread: Help me ID this 65 Twin Reverb model

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    Help me ID this 65 Twin Reverb model

    Hey guys,
    could you please help me identify this model ?
    65 Twin Reverb it has 2 x Celestion G12 Classic Lead 80 speakers.
    I never saw that kind of amp and I don't know the price and are they rare ? Sorry for the bad pictures :)
    Thanks everybody !

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    Re: Help me ID this 65 Twin Reverb model

    The only front pic is blurry.
    Might be a special run of Twin Reverbs. no different internally, but with the blonde tolex and different speakers.
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    Re: Help me ID this 65 Twin Reverb model

    The blonde Twin Reverb re-issue was a special run manufactured in 2006. Sources indicate that 2500 were made, all of them equipped with made-in-Italy Jensen C12K speakers. The Celestions installed in the specific example cited are not original to the amp.
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