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Thread: Telecaster American Pro HS

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    Telecaster American Pro HS

    New to the forum. Been playing 35+ years. Mostly a bedroom small bar cover rock n roll band rhythm player. Owned a lot of guitars in my years but never a real fender. My main 2 guitars are 1992 Gibson LP Standard and a Gibson 61 reissue SG. Recently scored my first Fender. A used 2015 American Pro Telecaster HS. Cant seem to put the thing down. Not your traditional tele but still love the tones. Main amp is a Orange TH30 thru assorted cabs (orange , Marshall). Enjoying the forum. A wealth of knowledge here. Keep on Rockin in the FreeWorld

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    Re: Telecaster American Pro HS

    Welcome! I've played Fenders a long time but got a good Tele rather late. It's my number 1 Fender at the moment. There's just something about a Tele that you can't get anywhere else. Now I'm going to have to play my Tele today.

    Glad to see you here. A lot of us found this site through the Les Paul forum, so you'll find your share of Gibson owners.
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