I'm building a barnwood Precision bass and purchased an Allparts maple neck and a set of MIM Fender tuners. I believe the tuners are the same used on the Fender Player Series. These have the press-in knurled bushings but the diameter over the knurls seems too large for the counter bore in the headstock. The smaller bore seems to be the correct diameter for the post. The post measures 14mm/.550" and the bore measures 14.4mm/.569" so there's .019" slop. The measurement over the knurls on the bushing is 18.4mm/.727" and the counter bore is 17mm/.672" which is 1.4mm/.055" which seems like a lot. I'm concerned that this amount of interference could cause the headstock to crack/separate when pressing in. Please reply if you've had this same experience or if you have measurements that I can't seem to find on the net.

Thanks in advance, Steve