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Thread: 11s on a Strat?

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    11s on a Strat?

    My friend has a clone Strat, and I was wondering if his Strat could hold the same 11s I use on my SG? Ernie Balls, of course, just wondering if the slimmer neck of a Strat can even hold the tension

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    Re: 11s on a Strat?

    if i'm not mistaken the original strat necks were designed for 12s. They are plenty strong for 11s.
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    Re: 11s on a Strat?

    Robin Trower uses 12s. He tunes down either a half or a whole step to get the bends he likes. I've heard it said that Hendrix also used 12s. I have 11s on one of my Strats with no issue.
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    Re: 11s on a Strat?

    I found this info on the web that SRV used gauges from 11s to 17s but mostly used 13s.
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    Re: 11s on a Strat?

    Won’t be a problem, but with the slightly higher tension, he would probably need to tighten the trussrod a little to compensate. Also, if the guitar has got tremolo, the spring claw will need adjustement to get the tremolo to sit where it is with slinkier strings.

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