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Thread: replacing a fuse holder in an old!

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    replacing a fuse holder in an old!

    I've got about a "72 Silverface...the fuse holder is kaput. I've got the chassis out, and I've got the nut loose. I can't quite figure out how the fuse holder comes out. Do I need to disconnect the wires and slide the holder through the front? I'm bumfuzzled! And, it doesn't help that it's cloudy outside and I have every light on I can. I'd appreciate ANY suggestions

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    Re: replacing a fuse holder in an old!

    I guess the nut is on the outside of the chassis, and then it is logical that the holder should be removed through the inside of the chassis. To completely remove the holder, you ned to desolder the wires of course.

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    Re: replacing a fuse holder in an old!

    If it's original, the nut is on the inside. The nut needs to be removed and the wires disconnected so the fuse holder can be pulled out from the outside.

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