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Thread: Pickups on the 2010 Telecaster

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    Pickups on the 2010 Telecaster

    Hi I´m new to the forum.
    I was looking to buy a 2010 american telecaster and everything looks solid except for the bridge (which was swapped) and the pickups that I have no ideia if they were swapped or not.
    Can someone tell me which pickups were used on the 2010 american telecaster? What can I look for to confirm its legitimacy? Can two diferent Guitars hold the same serial number?
    thanks for your time.

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    Re: Pickups on the 2010 Telecaster

    Firstly, there were more than one American Tele model in 2010, so which one is it? If it is the American Standard, I believe the pickups were just called American Tele pickups.
    Secondly, there’s not supposed to be two (original) guitars sharing the same serial number.

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    Re: Pickups on the 2010 Telecaster

    Welp. It´s The american standard, pretty sure the guy tried to scam me... Thanks for replying!

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