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Thread: Vintage Reissue - 59 / 65 / 69 ?

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    Vintage Reissue - 59 / 65 / 69 ?

    Id' like to replace my Texas Specials with vintage style pickups. I heard a comparison between the TX and 59 on the tube and loved the sound of the 59. But then, there are more options like the 65, 69, 57/62, Fat 50s... which one would you most recommend? The start is a 96 USA with rosewood neck and maple veneer top.

    Generally, I'm more into early 60s tone (i.e Mark Knopfler) rather than Hendrix tone. I also have a 77 CBS which gives me "that" 70s tone... I'd like a nice, sweet and gentle yet warm and "vintage" tone, for clean tone mainly (think Robert Plant "ship of fools", or Knopfler's "Golden Heart"...)

    Thanks for the advice.
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