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Thread: Vintage Fender P pickup question

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    Vintage Fender P pickup question

    Good Morning!

    A few years back, I obtained a '66 Precision and was told that everything was original to the bass. Everything checked out in regards to the neck stamp date, pot codes, serial number, hardware, etc. I obtained it from a dealer who had purchased it from the original owner. The bass is very vibey and awesome, but it always had a different tone/sound than any other P I've heard. A bit more mid-range drive and not quite as "fat" than a typical P. I finally decided to really take a close look at the pickup to see if it is indeed original to the bass. I have some pics that I snapped to get other's opinions. There are some things that I am questioning here. All other pictures I've seen of '66 Precision pickups show the date clearly legible on the bottom of the pickup. On mine however, there is some scribbling that almost appears to be a date (you can kind of see "66" as part of it) but it is on the top of the pickup (under the pickup cover). On the bottom of the pickup, there is only a clearly legible "16" written.

    Also, I've read that the pickups from this era were done with a burgundy colored winding, and my pickup looks like a typical copper colored winding.

    I don't know a lot about vintage Fender pickups, but am learning. Any opinions or insight you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Vintage Fender P pickup question

    it looks old and gunky enough to be original, you cant fake that funk

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