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Thread: Looking to buy a set of FCS Ancho Poblano Pickups (B, M, N)

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    Looking to buy a set of FCS Ancho Poblano Pickups (B, M, N)

    Hi all,

    I'm sorry if this post does not fit in here, I didn't know where else to look/ post - please advise if it's wrongly posted.

    I'm looking to purchase a set of Fender Custom Shop Ancho Poblano Pickups (Bridge, Middle & Neck) for a build. I know there were only 300 sets made, all of which were hand wound by a certain Ms Josephina at the Custom Shop. I also know that those that have them, are reluctant to sell them.

    Having said that, I know that every man has his price. If you have a set available, or know anyone that may be in the market to sell theirs, please do let me know. I'm open to all pricing, as long as it's reasonable (considering the rarity) and I'm happy to make payment via PayPal (for both our safety, I will only consider PayPal. I do not, will not and cannot use Venmo/ Cash App/ or it's alternatives as they simply do not work in my country - Malaysia). Payment is ready at anytime (please note I may not be able to reply immediately due to the time zone difference) so hit me!

    I am somewhat desperate to get a set of these Ancho Poblanos, and whilst I appreciate that you may take advantage of that (In fact, I encourage you to), I would also appreciate a decent price that works for both parties. Should your offer tickle me in all the right ways, I'm happy to do business with you. I missed out on a chance to get them on eBay and I'm kicking myself for it. Please, I'd really appreciate the help in any way.

    My warmest regards to you all, and wishing you a safe & awesome weekend ahead! :)

    Best wishes,
    Aaron SM
    Fender Custom Shop Enthusiast - Guitars, Pickups, Amps, etc. Money is never an issue, as long as your prices are reasonable, I am a happy customer.

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    Re: Looking to buy a set of FCS Ancho Poblano Pickups (B, M, N)

    I don't have a set of those (sorry...)
    but is it a case you HAVE to have those specific pickups? Can I ask what it is about those pickups that you want that set?
    Might it be possible to contact a custom winder, and let them know what it is you want? They may well be able to get you a set for less than you'd pay for the Fenders.
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